privacy policy-and-cookies

Email will use your email address to send marketing. The address is never resold or used for other purposes.

Advertising cookies

You may have seen that you get ads on various websites for goods or websites you have looked at before? This is because advertisers, like us, pay for these ads. The technology behind this functionality is 'advertising cookies'. When you visit our website, we may place an advertising cookie in your browser, which is used to display ads for our services on other pages you visit, if the website displays ads. However, you can take it easy: We have neither the right nor the opportunity (it is not practically possible) to contact you directly via the information these cookies collect, as the entire process is anonymized.

You can learn how to disable ad cookies in your browser below, but we hope you want to continue to allow these, as ads are one of the things that help us in {company name} to be able to offer our services in the best and cheapest possible way . Cookies for advertising purposes are also one of the things that help keep a lot of the internet open and free. It is also good to mention that even if you disable these types of cookies, you will still see ads - they will only be less tailored to you and your interests.

How to turn off cookies

You can usually turn off cookies by changing the settings in your browser, or by installing an add-on in your browser. However, by doing this, a lot of useful functionality on websites can stop working, as most websites are completely dependent on cookies in order to offer their services in a good way. This includes our website. We hope you want to allow cookies from our sites. But, if you do not want it, it is of course fine too. No sour mines!